Last week I was in Fort Lauderdale at a conference that I also attended last year. Last year at this same conference there was a success panel that inspired me to make some big changes in my life, dream bigger and set huge goals for myself. One of those goals was to be one of the people on the success panel THIS YEAR…… and I was.

It was a powerful experience of seeing a very clear intention come true.

I tell you this because I want you to realize the power of intention, mindset and hard work. I always work with my clients on their Thoughts + Beliefs + Actions=their LIFE and it is absolutely true. So, this week, are there any goals that you are scared to set because you may be fearful of failure, or they are too big, or someone might not support you in them? If so, I implore you to set them anyway!! Write them down, meditate on them, say them out loud to a friend or coach, then take action EVERY SINGLE DAY towards that goal. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Always keep dreaming,