Sarah Frink is a creative, driven and radically authentic digital marketing strategist and the founder and CEO of Real Marketing Solutions. Sarah and her team work with business owners to convert their online activities such as social media posting, blogging and email marketing into a sales funnel that moves strangers to qualified leads and ultimately paying clients.

Real Marketing Solutions specializes in digital strategy, end to end social media management, digital advertising, and content design and development. Sarah has established a customer-focused values system, where a handshake, hug and a smile are the norm. Clients view Sarah and her team as trusted partners of their prized possession, their business.

“Our approach to digital marketing is not focused on selling. To us, selling is an art and all good selling is done through nurturing relationships, trust, honesty and integrity, not just pushing a product in front of someone and expecting them to buy. At RMS, we harness the power of authentic relationships and integrate that philosophy into your digital presence by providing content that educates, motivates and inspires your following.  When done correctly, selling becomes a natural progression.” ~Sarah Frink