Jeni Dahn is a gifted and experienced shamanic practitioner, energetic healer, and life coach who empowers her clients to reconnect with their inner wisdom and live authentically. Jeni uses a variety of indigenous and modern healing modalities which focus on removing the energetic and mental barriers that prevent individuals from living in their full potential. Jeni serves a wide variety of clients, including those seeking emotional support during difficult life changes, recovery from physical, psychological, or emotional trauma, and also those who desire to live more wholeheartedly and abundantly. Jeni sees the beauty and light in everyone. She is compassionate, loving, understanding, and always fully present with clients. After working with Jeni, clients often express feeling more alive, joyful, grounded, and inspired to live from the truth of their being.

Initially inspired by the work of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Jeni studied for two years with the Four Winds Society, where she learned many healing arts and the power of energy medicine. After receiving a certificate in energy healing from the Four Winds Society, Jeni completed additional training with the CTI coaching program. As a lifelong learner, Jeni continues to study indigenous healing practices and remains inspired by her teachers in the Seattle area and abroad. Along with private sessions, Jeni offers workshops, retreats, and group healing sessions throughout the Northwest. For more information, visit