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ESFJ – The Caregiver Car

  ESFJ’s have got to be one of the nicest, most reliable, loving of all the types. As SJ’s they are very regimented in their lives and the feeling allows them to lead with their hearts so that combo makes them excellent Caregives and their title indicates. As you know, I am sending each of […]

GSD Interview

I just did an interview with amazing entrepreneur Josh Smith with Get Shit Done (GSD). You can see the videos below. 🙂 GSD Mode Interview GSD Best of the Week I hope you enjoy!!

ESTJ – The Guardian Car

Well, if there was ever a type you wanted to take care of things, this is it! ESTJ’s are practical, reliable, rule following people. I have often correlated Love Languages to types and I would bet my right arm at least 90% of ESTJ’s have one of their top Love Languages as “Acts of Service”. […]

ENTP- The Visionary Car

  Happy Thursday! Today’s type focus is ENTP’s. ENTP’s are imaginary, think outside the box kind of people and mostly refuse to accept the status quo as they LOVE to research alternate ways to see the world. Fascinating people to invite over for a dinner party to keep the conversation lively. 🙂 As you know, […]

What it is like to learn about YOUR type!

I must admit, talking about something you are crazy passionate about and trying to get others to also see the value can be a full time job at times. I could literally talk about personality type and the INSANE benefits to all areas of your life; parenting, your business, EVERY SINGLE relationship in your life […]

ENFJ – The Giver Car

  What a coincidence that today is my birthday as well as the day to share MY type with all of you. Well, what can I say about my own type without sounding, well, you know…….as we are pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🙂 (as are all the types of course) ENFJ’s […]

ENFP-The Inspirer Car

Happy Thursday! ENFP’s, wow! So encouraging, lovely, creative, fun people. They have an incredible way of making YOU feel amazing! Supportive cheerleaders is a great way to describe the lovely energy of the ENFP. As you know, I am sending each of the 16 cars for the next 16 weeks (we are on 11 of […]

Monday Motivation

I LOVE working with the weirdo’s of the world, as I am proudly one of those weirdo’s. If you have known me for a while you likely know what I am talking about but if you are new to me, let me explain. Intuitive (N’s) are only 25% of the population therefore we are rare, […]

Monday Mindset: I soooooo manifested this….

It’s here, it’s here! And I sooooooo manifested this! Last week I celebrated being in business 5 years! While part of me thinks that is a LONG time another part stops and realizes how much I have accomplished in that 5 years. And a HUGE part of that has and continues to be my mindset. […]

Do you need a tribe? Monday Mindset Motivation

Fact: You are like the 5 people you spend the most time with! What was your gut reaction to that? Fearful, worry, oh shit? That use to be mine when I realized I was spending time with closed minded, gossipy, nay-sayer’s! You can’t do that….. Why don’t you just…. Everyone else is….. Screw that! I […]