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Front Seat Life Q&A

We are exactly 3 weeks away from The Front Seat Life Event , October 7th and 8th!!! I couldn’t be more exited to share two days full of content that will surely change your life, relationships and/or your career! For those of you on the fence I wanted to take an opportunity to answer some FAQ’s here as well as […]

Oh those damn life lessons…

Ugh, hit with another life lesson! This one is for all your J’s out there like me. We SOOOOO like to manage and control EVERYTHING but sometimes we have to just let go and let God and the Universe do its work! Check out this quick video and I do so hope to see you […]

Meet the amazing Front Seat Life Expert Panel

One of the coolest things I am doing at the Front Seat Life event October 6th, 7th and 8th is having some of the BEST experts in their industry come share their awesomeness with YOU! BTW, if you haven’t enrolled yet what the heck are you waiting for!!! https://jessicabutts.com/frontseatlifeevent/ I wanted to introduce them to you […]

Why I do what I do….with a few tears and no make-up

Quick 2 minute video from time away in Bend, OR (not Washington as I say in the video!) to share why I do what I do. To learn more about my event that I discuss in the video, click here . Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Do you have FOMO?

Do you have FOMO, a.k.a. fear of missing out? I do too. I also am so bummed when I see this super cool event happening on social media and I think to myself, “I wish I would have known about that”. To help combat both of those concerns I am going to do some due […]

Is what If’ing ruining your happiness?

Ack! I struggle with this, do you? We Intuitive types are always growing, expanding, wanting more and yes, what if’ing. But…….it is ruining your happiness? Check out this quick video if you want to know more: Have a great week, and if haven’t enrolled in my 2-day Front Seat Life Event October 7th and 8th , you can check out more here. It will […]

AMAZING stuff by Steven Pressfield!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and August, I certainly am. My 16 week series on your Live Your Life from the Front Seat car description is over (I will be resending soon but you can always pop over to my website at www.jessicabutts.com to see your type as well as other 15 types).  […]

What’s this Front Seat Life event all about anyway????

The amazing Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed and I shot a video to help you understand a little bit more about what the event is going to be like. For anyone on the fence or if you are trying to get someone to come along with you….this might help. 🙂 Can’t freakin’ wait to see […]

ENTJ – The Executive Car

Happy Thursday! Wow, we have come to the end of a 4 month journey of seeing all the different personalities and the way they show up as their Driver, Co-pilot, Drunk Uncle and Baby in the Backseat. I hope you have enjoyed seeing your type as well as those in your lives. I have heard […]

Are you lonely?

Last week my Front Seat Life squad got REAL and admitted to each other they were lonely and needed some like-minded friends! Not surface level friends but real, deeply connected friends. That was not easy for any of them, and I am so proud of them for getting honest with themselves and each other. This […]