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Front Seat Life off from Dec 23rd-Jan 3rd

Happy happy happy holidays from myself and the team at Front Seat Life. We are going to step away from work and emails to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. I do hope you will enjoy some downtime as well. 2017 is going to be a magnificent year full of abundance and prosperity! So […]

UGH, this is the MOST frustrating and most hilarious type!!

Ha, this Myers Briggs pairing, judging and perceiving, is the MOST frustrating, pretty much all the time, but especially during the holidays! You have to watch this one to help you navigate your friends and family this weekend! And if you like what you are seeing in these videos, don’t forget I wrote a whole book about this cool stuff . Might […]

Head or Heart? What Decides How You Spend the Holidays?

This Myers Briggs dichotomy can be a big one around the holidays! Approximately 75% of men make decisions with their head, in a logical, practical way. While, on the other hand, approximately 75% of women make their decisions with their heart and logic usually goes out the door! You can imagine how much fun this […]

Got any weirdo’s in your family?

Happy Holidays! I am so happy to be bringing you four short videos over the next two weeks to help you navigate your family and friends around the holidays. I hope these videos on Personality type will bring some helpful information to you and your family to help each other understand each other during this […]

Introverts and Extroverts….we drive each other nuts!

I am so happy to be bringing you four short videos over the next two weeks, to help you navigate your family and friends around the holidays! I just had the “so what are we doing for four days” conversation with my family this morning at 7:30 AM! We were trying to figure out who […]

Navigating the holidays-weekly tip #1

Happy holidays!!! This is a wonderful time of year but can also bring on A LOT of family stress and drama. This December I’m bringing you a series of videos to help you navigate the holidays. This week of December, before we jump into personality type, I wanted to share some information about codependency in […]

Last month of the year….whatcha gonna do?

Happy December everyone. This December I’m bringing you a video series about navigating the holidays using personality type. It can be a wonderful, magical time of the year. It can also be extremely stressful dealing with different personality types in your family and with your friends. I also love December because it’s the end of […]

Gratitude to YOU on this Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Here’s a short message from me to you. Sending you love and soooooo much gratitude.  

Front Seat Life Attendee FAQs

Where am I going? Hyatt House Redmond 15785 Bear Creek Pkwy NE Redmond, Washington, USA, 98052 Tel: +1 425 497 2000 Parking is ample, free and easy at the parking garage right across the little walkway from the hotel. What is this cocktail reception about? Thursday night there is a cocktail reception from 5-7 if […]

Front Seat Life Event-20 seats left!

We are just two weeks (and one day) away from the Front Seat Life welcome cocktail reception!!! It is time to get yourself enrolled if you have been waiting! 🙂 Spots are filling up quickly! Click here to get your ticket and I CANNOT wait to see you there!