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How to make LASTING change in your life!

In my last video, I talked to you about “How to START Making a Change in Your Life”. You can see it below: Today’s video is my favorite visual on “How to Make LASTING Change.” Sorry for the quality of the far away video. I think Santa needs to bring me a new camera for […]

Living by Design: Jessica Butts, Living Your Life From the Front Seat

I was recently featured on Live by Design , and I wanted to share that article with you. I’m really excited to introduce you to Jessica Butts, owner of Jessica Butts Consulting and author of Live Your Life From the Front Seat . Jessica is a leader in the personal development space. Her positive attitude and tell-it-like-it-is style is refreshing and inspiring. Jessica has personally been a huge […]

Have you had some wonky energy the past few weeks?

Yeah me too! And the good news is we survived another Mercury Retrograde!! Today is the official end of Mercury PULLING our energy backwards. I learned about MR a few years ago and it gave me so much clarity into why a few times a year I feel sooooo off and as I like to […]

Want to end 2015 RIGHT?

I have been busy July and August riding the wave of the release of my book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat , which launched on July 7th. The sales and opportunities since the release have exceeded my expectations and I am sooooo thankful and grateful for that. Since this work of understanding your innateness, then doing more of what you […]

I have been a little MIA…’s why

As most of you know I launched my book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat ,  on 7-7-15 and you may have noticed I have been a little MIA since.   I meant to take a little time off but it turns out I needed a little more time to tend to my roots, watch my video below as you may […]

Chill hommie, you need to let that sh*t go

Please excuse my somewhat shocking title and picture but sometimes you need to be a little shocking to get a point across and this is a BIG point! As we are in the first week of 2015 we need to be aware of what we are holding onto from 2014 that needs to be released […]

My favorite ritual for the last week of the year

I hope your holiday was amazing and you were able to be your best self. 🙂 This is one of my favorite weeks of the year because it closes out a year while we get to get ready for a brand new year full of possibilities. My favorite ritual this week is to re-read all […]

Crazy relatives??? You got this

As I am writing this, I am getting teary-eyed thinking about so many of you who have loved and supported me this year and I cannot thank you enough. Your responses to emails, your kind words, your energetic support is very much appreciated – especially this time of year as I reflect on ALL the […]

Hi, I am Jessica and I am a recovering co-dependent

I have known for years that I am co-dependent but I like to think of myself as “in recovery” but I had a relapse last week as many of you might experience this time of year dealing with family and all the issues that come along with the holidays. My form of co-dependency is that […]

Goal Cards

Watch my vlog (video blog) about my favorite manifesting tool, Goal Cards! Welcome to my blog! I want to tell you all about goal cards and why they are important and useful to use! Recently, I did a short video on one the most powerful tools I’ve ever used on manifesting your dreams. It’s a tool that’s been around for some time now called goal cards. I […]