Ep. 13 Personality Type and Your Relationship

Being unapologetically who you are in your relationship, what does this mean? How is it related to personality type and what impact can this have? I am joined by my dear friend Lisa Fischer today to have a candid conversation about this powerful topic. 

If you haven’t been following along, over the last several episodes I have been transitioning from being unapologetically who you are in life to being who you are in love. Showing up and being your authentic, true self regardless of what other people think, even your partner. 

When you show up this way, sometimes people accept it and sometimes people don’t. Both Lisa and I have gone on journeys when we started being unapologetically who we are within our relationships. Each of us ended up on very different paths and this episode is all about what happened and how you can translate our experiences into your own and learn from them. 

When anyone commits to a long-term relationship, things can happen which prevent you from figuring out who you really are and showing up that way. We get busy with work or family and time flies by, suddenly we are left wondering, “Where am I? Who am I? And am I being my true self and is my life congruent with who I am?” 

We can find ourselves shutting down and settling for a life that isn’t the one we had hoped or planned. I know this feeling. I think every single marriage in America for sure, possibly the world, knows this feeling. At one point we all stopped getting real because we’re a little bit walking on eggshells. We’re nervous, we’re scared, we’re protecting our own hearts, we’re protecting our person, and something happens. And if we stopped really being who we are, we stopped having our voice. Honestly, it’s often after a period of this kind of existence, sometimes years or even decades, that it becomes important to be able to communicate our needs and desires and be able to be our true self.  

What happens then? Listen as Lisa and I share our experiences, both very different yet similar at the same time. And much of the outcome is determined by our personality type, and our partner’s type as well. 

If you are in a long-term relationship, there are some potent lessons to be gleaned from our raw and honest chat. These are struggles we all go through, and it is important for your health, well-being, and happiness to be who you are, and to be able to show up unapologetically as that person in life and in love 

Thank you so, so much, I appreciate your time and thank you so much for listening. 

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