Ep 12: Masculine and Feminine Energy

David is back to discuss, and to quiz me, about masculine and feminine energy, how these show up in each and every one of us, and some of the many challenges we navigate in a relationship related to these two powerful forces. We get super vulnerable during our conversation, both of us sharing some stories and feelings which help spotlight the impact of these energies within a relationship. 

“I’m really good at gathering berries, you’re good at stabbing bears…let’s make a team.” 

For the most part, this is how these two energies revealed themselves until recently in our history as a species, somewhat of a caveman-style connection to ourselves and our partners. 

But the world has changed dramatically, and many women are now much more masculine, for one reason or another. And there a lot of men out there who just don’t know what to do with that! 

In our go, go, go world where gender roles are sometimes reversed, we often become confused as to what behaviors or reactions are now appropriate…or desired. Especially when we have to deal with perceived roles and societal norms that might cause conflict or contradiction. 

I want you to understand that we all have masculine and feminine energies and I want you to also understand that it is tied directly to your personality type. 

Also, during this episode, we talk about how there cannot be two masculine energies, or two feminine energies at the same time. It just doesn’t work that way. 

The biggest takeaways for you my dear listener: 

  1. The awareness of masculine and feminine energies. 
  2. How are you showing up in your masculine and feminine energies? 
  3. It’s not about masculine energy being strong or feminine energy not being strong. It’s just that two different energies exist within the same person.  

And to successfully navigate a relationship and these energies, it takes trust and respect. 

Alright, there is a lot to this conversation and discussion, so please listen in for the goods and some inside dirt on both me and David. As always, I appreciate your time and willingness to listen, thank you so, so much. 

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