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Podcast: “Living Your Life From the Front Seat” with Jessica Butts

I just did a podcast with Leslie Irish Evans . You can access the podcast below. Grab a cocktail, and enjoy! Hooray! I’m back to hosting a show! (Pretty much my favorite thing to do with my clothes on.) My new podcast is called The Cocktail Party Effect. You can download/subscribe to it via my Leslie’s Contact Talk Radio page , at iTunes , […]

Extroverts under stress

Many of you resonated with the video from last week about Introverts under stress so here is this weeks Q and A video about Extroverts under stress. If you don’t to miss any of the video’s I do on personality type and Living Your Life from the Front Seat make sure to simply subscribe to […]

Introverts under stress

Today’s Q and A Wednesday comes from a talk I gave to a group of entrepreneurial women last week.  It was about what happens to introverts under stress.  Enjoy!