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Podcast: “Living Your Life From the Front Seat” with Jessica Butts

I just did a podcast with Leslie Irish Evans . You can access the podcast below. Grab a cocktail, and enjoy! Hooray! I’m back to hosting a show! (Pretty much my favorite thing to do with my clothes on.) My new podcast is called The Cocktail Party Effect. You can download/subscribe to it via my Leslie’s Contact Talk Radio page , at iTunes , […]

Living by Design: Jessica Butts, Living Your Life From the Front Seat

I was recently featured on Live by Design , and I wanted to share that article with you. I’m really excited to introduce you to Jessica Butts, owner of Jessica Butts Consulting and author of Live Your Life From the Front Seat . Jessica is a leader in the personal development space. Her positive attitude and tell-it-like-it-is style is refreshing and inspiring. Jessica has personally been a huge […]

Don’t do stuff you suck at

Here is my most recent Business Theater Live talk I gave last week here in Seattle. I titled it….”Don’t do stuck you suck at”. It is about understanding your innateness and spending at least 80% Living Your Life from the Front Seat and avoiding stuff we suck at in your lives, relationships and businesses. I […]

Extroverts under stress

Many of you resonated with the video from last week about Introverts under stress so here is this weeks Q and A video about Extroverts under stress. If you don’t to miss any of the video’s I do on personality type and Living Your Life from the Front Seat make sure to simply subscribe to […]