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Front Seat Life Podcast – Episode 4 Preview

Episode 4 is coming this Friday, 2/1/19! Growing Up Intuitive This episode is all about the second Myers Briggs dichotomy – Sensing and Intuition. Remember the breakdown, 25% of us are Intuitives, while the other 75% are Sensors. The 75% who are Sensors like to have all the details, the plans, the facts – they […]

Front Seat Life Podcast – Episode 3 Preview

Episode 3 coming this Friday, 1/25/19! Understanding Introversion and Extroversion Do you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert? Or have you been attracted by the recent talk about ambiverts (which aren’t actually a thing)? Throughout this episode we’ll discuss why you’re both an introvert and an extrovert in your front seat. Join me in […]

Front Seat Life Podcast Episode 2 Preview

Episode 2 coming this Friday, 1/18/19! Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At During this episode I reveal my car analogy, a framework I came up with to help explain the Myers-Briggs personality assessment and types, and how they show up within ourselves. I’ll share the difference between the front and back seats of your car, […]

Front Seat Life Podcast launching 1/11/19

JessicaButts.com starts her Front Seat Life Podcast on 1/11/19 by taking you on a journey through 3 questions to that changed her life and many of her clients’ lives. Who are you? Where are you going? How are you going to get there? She takes her psychotherapy background and Myers Briggs expertise to help you […]

Living by Design: Jessica Butts, Living Your Life From the Front Seat

I was recently featured on Live by Design , and I wanted to share that article with you. I’m really excited to introduce you to Jessica Butts, owner of Jessica Butts Consulting and author of Live Your Life From the Front Seat . Jessica is a leader in the personal development space. Her positive attitude and tell-it-like-it-is style is refreshing and inspiring. Jessica has personally been a huge […]

I have been a little MIA…..here’s why

As most of you know I launched my book, Live Your Life from the Front Seat ,  on 7-7-15 and you may have noticed I have been a little MIA since.   I meant to take a little time off but it turns out I needed a little more time to tend to my roots, watch my video below as you may […]