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Front Seat Life Podcast Episode 15 Preview

Tune in for episode 15 this Friday, 4/19/19! Where Are You Going? In this episode we’ll talk about the fact that if you do nothing different, you will continue to get the same results. So many people lose direction and don’t know where they are going, and this is when they settle. They don’t have […]

Front Seat Life Podcast – Episode 6 Preview

Episode 6 is coming this Friday, 2/15/19! How Judgers and Perceivers Get on Each Other’s Nerves! This week’s episode is all about the fourth Myers Briggs dichotomy, Judging and Perceiving. 50% of the population are judgers (the do-ers), and 50% of the population are perceivers (the be-ers). This is the only dichotomy that doesn’t have […]

Front Seat Life Podcast – Episode 5 Preview

Episode 5 is coming this Friday, 2/8/19! What’s it like to be a Thinking Woman or a Feeling Man In this episode we interview two individuals to discuss the dichotomy of Thinking and Feeling. This is one of the most interesting dichotomies because it is very gender biased as well as societally bias. Back in […]

Front Seat Life Podcast – Episode 4 Preview

Episode 4 is coming this Friday, 2/1/19! Growing Up Intuitive This episode is all about the second Myers Briggs dichotomy – Sensing and Intuition. Remember the breakdown, 25% of us are Intuitives, while the other 75% are Sensors. The 75% who are Sensors like to have all the details, the plans, the facts – they […]

Front Seat Life Podcast – Episode 3 Preview

Episode 3 coming this Friday, 1/25/19! Understanding Introversion and Extroversion Do you know if you’re an introvert or extrovert? Or have you been attracted by the recent talk about ambiverts (which aren’t actually a thing)? Throughout this episode we’ll discuss why you’re both an introvert and an extrovert in your front seat. Join me in […]

Front Seat Life Podcast Episode 2 Preview

Episode 2 coming this Friday, 1/18/19! Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At During this episode I reveal my car analogy, a framework I came up with to help explain the Myers-Briggs personality assessment and types, and how they show up within ourselves. I’ll share the difference between the front and back seats of your car, […]

Front Seat Life Podcast launching 1/11/19

JessicaButts.com starts her Front Seat Life Podcast on 1/11/19 by taking you on a journey through 3 questions to that changed her life and many of her clients’ lives. Who are you? Where are you going? How are you going to get there? She takes her psychotherapy background and Myers Briggs expertise to help you […]

Mastering Mindset with my Coach, Bex Burton

Mindset is at least half the entrepreneurial game! Come learn from my current mindset coach  Bex Burton  and Guest Speaker at this year’s Front Seat Life 3-Day Event as we discuss some of the best tips to get your stinkin’ thinkin’ in check! Then, grab your tickets to the 3-Day to see her Live.  https://jessicabutts.com/jb_events/front-seat-life-3-day-event/ (function(d, s, id) […]

Day 24 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Zone of Genius [FB Live 8-30-18]

Do you do what you are really good at? Like REALLY good at? Do you have the courage to get there? Today’s topic is about Zone of Genius by Gay Hendricks!

Day 23 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Finding of Your Tribe [FB Live 8-29-18]

Going off script today from Structure, Systems and Singular Focus to share a yucky situation from yesterday that has a great lesson in it! Today, I’m talking about the power of finding your tribe! Listen in about why!