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15 Things That Helped Change My Life: #1 – KNOWING [FB Live 1-07-19]

Happy New Year! I’ll be sharing the 15 things that helped change my life over the past 5 years! Today’s topic is about KNOWING when it is time to leap and make a change! I hope you will join me on my new podcast that launched THIS Friday, 1/11/19! Come learn more at the FREE event January 24th! Only 6 spots left […]

How to Make Changes in 2019 [FB Live 1-3-19]

  In today’s video we are FIRED UP and talk about what it takes to make REAL changes, what it takes to make YOURSELF a PRIORITY, and how you’re going to actually DO this now. If you’re tired of New Year resolutions falling flat, join Jeni Dahn and I as we talk about how you can make […]

FB Live Holiday Mini Series 3: Reclaiming your joy by going inward

  How to create joy and avoid frustration/disappointment this holiday season by focusing on YOURSELF and what YOU can control. Jeni Dahn  and I share 30 minutes of our best content with you to keep you sane! Jan 10th A Taste of Maui “Be” Retreat – 2 hour Workshop.  https://taste-of-maui-retreat.eventbrite.com/ If you don’t want to miss your chance […]

FB Live Holiday Mini Series 2: How to be healthy detached

Today, I’m bringing you Episode 2 of my Holiday Mini Series sadly without my awesome partner, Jeni Dahn, because we were experiencing technical difficulties. Let’s just blame it on the new mercury retrograde. All of these mini series episodes will focus on components of codependency because it’s a root issue in many relationships. Here’s what […]

FB Live Holiday Mini Series 1: How to stay sane this holiday season by understanding YOUR co-dependent style! Yes, you!

In today’s video, we’re diving into: What is codependency and what are the two roles? How do you handle triggers? What can do to avoid biting on the “emotional hook” of your codependent partner? The Biggest Mistake people make on this self-growth journey. Want to learn more? Join us at the Maui 2019 Retreat where […]

My biggest takeaway from the 2018 Front Seat Life 3-Day Event

As I sit here a week after my huge annual event, the Front Seat Life 3-Day Event, I am reflecting back on what I learned from the experience. This Event is my opportunity to teach 100+ amazing souls how to be more of their real selves, and for some, how to find their lost self […]

Mastering Mindset with my Coach, Bex Burton

Mindset is at least half the entrepreneurial game! Come learn from my current mindset coach  Bex Burton  and Guest Speaker at this year’s Front Seat Life 3-Day Event as we discuss some of the best tips to get your stinkin’ thinkin’ in check! Then, grab your tickets to the 3-Day to see her Live.  https://jessicabutts.com/jb_events/front-seat-life-3-day-event/ https://www.facebook.com/jessica.butts.9400/videos/10217362476044055/

Day 24 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Zone of Genius [FB Live 8-30-18]

Do you do what you are really good at? Like REALLY good at? Do you have the courage to get there? Today’s topic is about Zone of Genius by Gay Hendricks!

Day 23 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Finding of Your Tribe [FB Live 8-29-18]

Going off script today from Structure, Systems and Singular Focus to share a yucky situation from yesterday that has a great lesson in it! Today, I’m talking about the power of finding your tribe! Listen in about why!

Day 22 of 25 on my Three S Methodology – Today’s topic is Comparison [FB Live 8-28-18]

Today, I’m talking about the biggest killer of creativity, authenticity, and freedom which is…Comparison! The solution is knowing who you are and staying strong to that which comes in the form of a strong Brand for business owners. Brand is our authenticity and creativity coming out.