Ep. 79 Healing the Hustle

Welcome back and thank you so much for being here!  

I am so freaking excited to bring you some new content on the Front Seat Life podcast around the new chapter in new era which is Healing the Hustle!  

Today’s episode is an intro to why this is up for me and quite honestly the world at large. 

What you will find in this episode:  

  • My white privilege and why Healing the Hustle looks different for me than POC.  
  • A New Chapter 
  • A pivotal story around my 40th birthday 
  • Some of the BS around the world of entrepreneurship 
  • How we have all changed a year into a global pandemic 
  • Some of what I have been doing to Heal the Hustle to also hopefully help you do the same  

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See you next week! 

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