Ep. 78 47th Birthday – Release, Regroup, and Realign

Notice a change in my voice already. It’s the first morning of a 13day break, much needed. I am taking some time to reflect and release, regroup, and get super realigned with myself. My core values, my heart, my personality type, my business, and myself as a woman, all the things. 

I’m recording this a couple of days before my freaking birthday. I’m 47 years old, and I don’t know how that happened. I’m way too immature to be 47 years old. And today, I am going to be talking to you a little bit about things that I’ve learned this year in hopes that you hear something that you may need to incorporate as well. 

I’m doing my birthday episode about messages and getting quiet and regrouping because that is what I am doing. And I believe that so many times, I am feeling the collective of what other people are feeling. I’ve known this for years. I’ve felt this since I became a therapist, and I started checking in with my body. 

Let’s talk about the 80 20 rule of rest. And I am also telling you this, and I’m going to be practicing it. And this might come as some bad news, but I’m going to take the summer off from the podcast. I need a break. I need a break for a couple of reasons. I had a guest speaker come into my mastermind group, just last week. Heather Denniston, she’s fabulous. And she was quoting this book that says we need to make space for our soul to catch up. 

I think we’re being called as a collective right now to do this, to make space for souls to catch up. And there’s a lot of things at play right now. Obviously COVID, were in the middle of Mercury retrograde, it’s summer, this beautiful black lives matter movement, the social justice movement. We are being called to take a pause, to slow down. 

So during this episode, Im focusing on and giving you a little guidance to help you release, regroup, and realign. To get connected to our selves. 

And that brings me to this 80/20 Rule of Rest. When we don’t do this, our bodies will rest us. Do you know what I mean? If we do not rest 20% of the time, our bodies will rest us. So that means I get to choose. YOU get to choose. The 80/20 rule is 80% in your Front Seat, 20% in your Back Seat. But your back seat can be a place of choice. 

Choose to release, regroup, realign… rest. We all need a break. 

So my friends, my friends, my friends I’m off. I’m going to go take a break now definitely, but I will be back. It feels very, very, in alignment with what I need to do for my soul right now. So thank you for understanding.  

I will see you guys very, very, very soon. Thanks for listening. 

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