Ep. 65 You know what brings hope…Having a plan for after the crisis is over!!

Hello Front Seat Lifers, I have a question for you today: Do you know what brings hope 

Having a plan for after the crisis is over!!🙏💕 

And having a long-term vision for your life! 👓  

Doing deep personal development work NOW so that when we come out of this, you are READY TO GO!! 🏃 

And, finally knowing who you truly are and having the confidence to stand boldly in your power and truth! 👸  

Being able to navigate life in an authentic, powerful way… now that is empowering! 💥 

But when was the last time you felt that way? 😳 

Probably before society pushed you to be someone you are not and forced you into living your life from your backseat! 

They took away your power. Life got boring, uninspiring, and just plain hard! 😡 

You lost sight of your dreams in exchange for jobs, relationships, caring for other people, and making sure everything looks good from the outside… even though you’re dying on the inside. 

Life got hard when you started going against who you really are and went about life with methods that only work for Sensors while you, my dear, are a creative visionary, an INTUITIVE! 😀😀😀😀 

When you started to meekly comply with the expectations of others (probably Sensors). 😲 

When you allowed busyness to consume you and your life so you wouldn’t have to face your unhappiness… 

You said goodbye to the real you. 💔 

No more….I have a 4 part free Masterclass series in April that can help with all of this that I do hope you will join me and hundreds of other Intuitive’s ready to use this time for incredible personal development‼️ 

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