Ep. 64 How Introvert and Extrovert “Babies in the Backseats” are showing up during a crisis

Hello, this is Jessica, your host coming to you during this “NEW NORMAL” that we’re in right now. And I am with you in the ROLLERCOASTER of emotions, the fear of the economy, the fear of people that I love getting sick. And during this time, I am, quite honestly, more committed than ever to bringing you content that is helpful and full transparency.  

I’m kind of ON FIRE right now. I am stuck in my house, and it seems to be a time of great inspiration for me, and so I’m just going gangbusters with content right now, and it feels good to be able to be of service and help in a way that I know that I can right now. 

Im dedicated to HELPING PEOPLE understand themselves in this time of crisis through understanding personality type and human behavior, which I’m an expert in, and how that then also translates to our relationships in regular times, and now this time of crisis. 

As you may know, I am the creator of FRONT SEAT LIFEa new approach to Myers-Briggs, and about our reptilian brain. My whole “BACKSEAT” methodology is about us understanding exactly what we’re going through right now, which are times of stress. 

I feel very much called to be of service right now. I’m going BALLS-TO-THE-WALL on my personal Facebook page right now to give a ton of content. I am talking about each of the dichotomies and how they show up in your Backseat. Then I’m going to be talking about how we, as human beings, either as single people or just as individuals, how WE CAN MANAGE this time of crisis by understanding our personality type. 

And of course, that BACKSEAT REPTILIAN BRAIN RESPONSE that is happening to every single one of us.  

I’m so in this creative mode, and it’s great energy. It’s super relevant content, 1000% pertinent to what we’re doing right now, and I’m asking for a little grace about also conserving my energy because I’m in this with all of you. I’m on the roller coaster. PLEASE JOIN me every morning on Facebook for more. 

I hope you enjoy the episode and know that there are more of them coming. I’m going to try to shove them in and do some bonus episodes and give you this content as quickly as possible because I know that WE’RE ALL IN IT. 

So, take care, TAKE CARE EVERYBODY. Take care of yourself, number one, and then take care of those that are very, very important to you. And start by understanding how you’re reacting to this time of stress, and then lovingly accepting and understanding how the people around you are. 

All right, enjoy. 

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