Ep. 63 EVERYONE Needs a Schedule: Working & Schooling from Home, What You Need to Know

All right, Front Seat Lifers, it is Jessica, your host. And before we get into today’s episode, I’m going to be super, SUPER VULNERABLE with you as I always am. Still, I’m going to start it right off because I have two caveats after recording this episode and just sitting with it for a bit.

Number one, I have not thrown everything out. I say that, but my content manager, Stephanie, kind of scolded me, and she was like, “Girl, girl, stop saying that.” And it’s true. WE ARE PIVOTING. Hard. I have not thrown everything out. And I’ll be sincere; I’m having a lot of fun with content right now because I get to do it spontaneous and in the moment.

The best way right now to keep up with what’s happening is to JOIN the Front Seat Squad. I’m LIVE there almost daily right now with updates and strategies on how to navigate our current and always changing rough waters.

Number two, I am NOT A PARENT, and I am not a parenting expert. But I get it, and people are straight up in dire straits right now. I get it. I do. My friends have kids, that reality surrounds me and I never want to feel like I’m lecturing or preaching, and had a feeling that I needed to say that ahead of time because I believe everything that I say in this episode is 100% true.

There is part of me that this is the only area in my life that sometimes I feel like a fraud if I’m honest because I don’t have kids. I’m not living in that reality. So, this is triggering some of my insecurities, and one of my core values is to just KEEP IT REAL with you guys, to be super transparent, to be super authentic.

I am far from perfect. I got my own shit going on, and part of that is precisely what I’m saying. So, while I still 100% sit behind what you’re about to hear, I don’t want it to come off as lecturing, especially from someone who’s in a different scenario.

Also, I think this episode is quite honestly one of MY FAVORITE EPISODES around personality type. Around working from home and schooling from home. All of this is still legit, and although I don’t know exactly some of the pain that you guys are going through, I’m sending you love. I hope you enjoy the episode.

I’m in this with you, and I will see you next week.

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