Ep. 53 Top Game-Changing Tools from Badass Boss Babe, Susan Hyatt

All right, Front Seat Lifers, you are in for a TREAT. This is technically the second episode of the new year, but couldn’t think of a better person to start the new year with than Susan Hyatt. She is currently my coach, helping me take my business to the next level. 

If there’s anybody SASSIER than me, it’s probably Susan Hyatt. And that’s saying a lot because I’m pretty damn sassy myself. 

Susan KEEPS IT REAL. She’s a hustler. She works hard. She has a beautiful message for her business clients and also her BARE clients. She is a true, true inspiration. A real BOSS BABEShe is absolutely the real deal. And I’m honored and delighted to have her with you today. 

This episode is JAM PACKED with GOLDEN NUGGETS, so listen in. We cover Susan’s incredible story and how she ended up on her amazing path to kick some serious ass. And that’s just while we are getting warmed up… The trauma, the learning, the growth 

We talk about BODY IMAGE ISSUES and the super important work Susan is doing to help address this with young women and girls, and how programs help untold numbers move with LOVE and eat with ATTENTION instead of DEPRIVATION. 

Her approach has seen an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response because I think women are TIRED OF IT. They’re tired of the whole body shaming that goes on. They’re tired of dieting and counting points and everything. 

We also spend some time talking about how important it is to have a longterm vision. It’s what draws you forward when the going gets tough because it will get tough. It’s a real bitch sometimes. And it’s better to focus on the 90-day goals that you have set, than to “squirrel” and chase something new. 

“It’s a long game, long game At the end of this career, when I look back at my legacy, I want to be able to say the BARE or BOLD curriculum is known internationally for schools, hospitals, healthcare systems… That’s going to take some work. 

The going gets tough at different levels of your business for different reasons. And if you aren’t anchored in a strong enough why, then it becomes so easy to say, I’m out, like I’m just going to go get a job, or I’m just gonna like go do something different because this isn’t worth it to me. 

Okay, there’s so much more to this episode, and if you listen in, you will hear me admit one of my mindset issues… which has definitely been playing small and thinking people don’t want to talk to me and they don’t want to play with me. 

Working with Susan has helped me to overcome this and just ask. Ask for money, ask to be on the stage, ask to be on the podcast ask. (Do it professionally, don’t send those annoyingass messages like, “This is why I think I’d be great on your podcast.”) 

Wrapping up here, I want to mention Susan is working on a documentary, so watch for that, because I’m sure it will kick some SERIOUS BUTT, just like she does. And I know ‘em when I see ‘em. 

Again, as always, thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. 

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