Ep. 52 Core Values, Your Best Decision-Making Tool

Happy Freaking New Year! It is definitely my favorite time of year. It is a NEW YEAR. It is a NEW DECADE. It is 2020 people, and we are going to be bringing you all kinds of NEW and EXCITING THINGS this year. 

I’m super, SUPER EXCITED. Welcome to the New Year, and today’s episode is one of MY FAVORITE TOOLS. I’ve been giving you lots of my favorite tools, and this week is no different. I figured this is the best possible way that I can help you start the new year. 

I did not create this, and I am going to be honest, I don’t know who created this. I learned about it when I was a therapist, and I have been obsessed with it since. Absolutely. Completely. OBSESSED. 

I’m going to tell you a little bit about it today, but you’ve got to get the download (see link in the notes)Get your Core Values Exercise. I give you the directions and beautiful, cute little cards with all the core values on them. 

THESE CORE VALUES BECOME A BARRIER if you will, or a guidepost, or a SHIELD for what you allow into your life.  

I believe so strongly in the POWER of these core values that I want everybody to do them. That’s all there is to it. I want you to do it with yourself and then any partner, kids, anybodyTo start a new year is to determine what your core values are. And again, treating them as if they are the barrier for what you allow in 

During this episode, I guide you through this powerful exercise. Last week’s episode, the Visualization exercise, and thiCore Values episode are both very powerful in helping you learn how to set boundaries. 

And CLARIFYING what is important to you. This will change your life. If you want a new decisionmaking tool, this is it. 

Look at your core values and ask yourself, “Does this decision line up with my core values? If the answer is no, you get to move on with all the confidence in the world.  

All right guys, Happy New Year! I am so excited to bring all this stuff to you, like so, so, so excited. It just makes me a little bit crazy, and I’m so excited. So again, Happy New Year! 

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