Ep. 45 Goal Setting For Intuitives

I just came off an incredible week with my Mastermind. We’re a total of four entrepreneurs that have become very dear friends. And we Mastermind. We are building relationships. And I am reinvigorated for Front Seat Life! For my business, for you guys, for this podcast, and to be of service. 

I’m more excited than normal and I’m also really, freaking excited to bring you today’s topic, which is Goal Setting for Intuitives. Because I’m an Intuitive, I work almost exclusively with Intuitives, and Front Seat Life is really designed for Intuitives… because we are the WEIRDOS. 

We are only 25% of the population, and quite honestly, of that 25% of the population, a large portion of those people don’t even know that they’re Intuitives because they’ve been living suppressed in a world made up by Sensors, the other 75%. 

But again, today’s topic is specifically about GOAL SETTING. So, I’m going to start by saying how we don’t do things, or we need to not do things, like Sensors. We do not process information the way that 75% of the population does. Sensors are SMART GOAL kinds of people. You’ve heard of these, maybe even tried them out, and probably found they DIDN’T WORK for you. 

Especially if you are Intuitive. We are not like that. We are not “sit down and write things out” kinds of people. We live in a world that is designed by a bunch of people who don’t get the ways our brains work. 

(And so that is why I’m so f*cking passionate about working with Intuitives because I am that person.) 

Are you an Intuitive? Stop trying to do SMART goals. Okay? Listen in, because during this episode, I’m going to tell you how Intuitive brains work around setting goals for the New Year. (And, by the way, I think you should do this quarterly, not just yearly.) 

We Intuitives must start with the BIG PICTURE. We are like a funnel, in your mind, think of a funnel. Sensors start at the bottom of the funnel. They are detail people. They are down there in the minutiae. When they have all the details, then they get a big picture. Intuitives, we start at the big picture and then we get smaller. So, my friends, you have to start with the big picture. 

What’s up with your vision board? Do you have a new one? Do you even have one? What does it look like? Are you updating it? And then what are the big pictures for yourself? Also, if you do not have a FIVE-YEAR VISION for yourself, you fricking better get one. Along with a 10-year vision too. 

I used to somewhat think that I was a procrastinator. And it’s NOT ABOUT PROCRASTINATION for Intuitives. It’s the fact that it’s the number third thing on goal setting for Intuitives, which is we need to FEEL INTO IT. 

Why are you not getting something done? It’s part of how we process information. Intuitives have to oftentimes sit with it, decide how it feels. How does my intuition think about that? So, whatever that means for you, taking a walk, going on vacation by yourself, your morning practice. This is a time for me where I get even more introverted. 

Mind mapping is another great way to help set your goals, but this is very, very difficult to explain on a podcast. Go check out my webinar on the 18th because I’m going to show you what mind mapping looks like. Or you can also go look it up. 

The next strategy I use to help me with my goal setting is to pray. I say this a lot, I’m a Christian and I’m a believer that also says f*ck a lot. And I pray when I’m STUCK. I pray for other people of course. But sometimes I just say, “God, I’m over-managing this and I need your input.” 

I believe in taking guidance. I don’t believe in people telling me what to do. I still trust the universe and God and my own intuition first. And then I listen to other people. 

And so lastly about goal setting for Intuitives, here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself: 

Where are you PLAYING SMALL in your life or your business? And how much of that is FEAR based? 

I believe wholeheartedly that for new to come in, we must release the old. Whether that is old patterns, old beliefs, old relationships, old ways of being, or an old business model. To step into something new, we must release the old. 

This is a biggie and if you listen, you’ll hear me go pretty deep on this one. But that’s goal setting in a nutshell. Listen to this mind-bending episode for more details and I’m sure you won’t regret it. As always, I get real and authentic and plenty vulnerable as I share my own experiences and mistakes. 

And as always, I love you all and am just wanting to spread this Front Seat Life message. I’m getting very excited for 2020 to bring you a little bit of a new format and some new awesome stuff for the podcast. 

I’m just really honored and thank you again for listening. 

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