Ep. 44 Are You Giving Away Your Intuitive Power?

We live in an INSANELY BUSY society right now. There is all the stuff… There are too many podcasts. (As you’re listening to a podcast, I’m telling you there’s too many.) There’s TOO MUCH NOISE. There are too many Instagrammers, there are too many people trying to tell you who to be, what to do, and how to do it right. And I believe we are getting inundated right now with other people’s opinions. 

Today I am chatting with my dear friend Jeni Dahn about this and about what I think is happening. What I think is happening is that we’re getting rid of TRUSTING our own INTUITION. 

Me, we, lots of us have gotten away from getting quiet, asking God and the universe to bring us messages. So, Jeni and I are sharing our perspectives on getting QUIET and the power of getting quiet. 

What we decide, the conclusion we come to during this conversation is that you CANNOT HEAR your own intuition unless you’re able to silence your MIND. 

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the “BUTTERFLY” idea. That ideas are like butterflies, and if you are busy, if you have chaos going on, that butterfly, that idea, cannot land on you when you’re flailing all around. If you do not silence yourself, if you do not calm down and get quiet, those ideas and your intuition can not be activated. 

I ask, “How can we do this?” One of the ways that Jeni practices and she believes still works, is to find a word or a phrase that I can give my mind to FOCUS on, to stop the 10 conversations that are in your head.  

“A phrase that I want to happen in my life. I’m saying a phrase that I want to cultivate internally to be expressed externally.  

Stay calm and focused. Yes, it takes practicea practice of slowing yourself down a little bit at a time. 

And then we can learn to TURN the volume DOWN enough on THE NOISE so that we can hear our own inner voice, our own intuition. Because our intuition is often telling the TRUTH. 

This is just the beginning of our incredible conversation surrounding this topic, one which we could talk about for hours given the chance! So, listen in today and at the heart of it all, is PRACTICING all the things we talk about, asking for it, practicing it, and then BEING OPEN to receiving it. And open means open your eyes, open your soul, open your energy field, open all the things. Yup, and it’s ASKING FOR A SIGN 

Thank you, dear listeners. I love you and I appreciate you and as always, I hope this has been helpful to you.  

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