Ep. 40 [TRUTH BOMB] Ambivert is NOT a Thing

Oh, people, I’m here to tell you, ambiverts don’t exist. 

It’s not a thing. It’s just, it’s bullsh!t. I don’t know who came up with it, but it’s not a thing. And I’m here to tell you exactly why it’s not a thing today. Ambiverts do not exist and one of the main reasons that it CAN’T EXIST.  

The introversion and extroversion part of your personality type dictates your “Baby in the Back Seat, which again as a reminder, is where you go under deep stress and where you go under deep stress tells you obviously so much about your personality type. 

The Baby in the Backseat is where you go under deep STRESS, where you go when you’re doing too many things that you suck at, where you go when your back is up against a wall. When this happens, there are two very, very clear places that people go and those two places are fight or flee. 

As I’ve mentioned in other episodes, and I will continue to talk about this, extroverts flee. And introverts lash out, they fight in a very babyesque extroverted way. They get loud, they yell, they scream, they might boss people around, that kind of thing.  

And so if people say, Oh, I’m an ambivert, I’m neither one, you’re missing so much of the richness of what personality type can teach you about yourself. Listen to this episode and I’ll explain what I mean and why I believe AMBIVERT IS IMPOSSIBLE and a bunch of BULLSH!T. And this is why because our Front Seats are made up of both introvert and extrovert and we are equally those two things. 

I mean, listen to this episode and I’ll be dropping this TRUTH BOMB on you, straight from the inside of my closet. I hope to God that it’s informative and helpful to you because I’m real fired up about it.

I’m going to do a webinar in the next couple of weeks about this, a free webinar. So you can see me. I won’t be in my closet, I promise. So, if you’re not on my email list, go get on there. If you haven’t taken the assessment, it’s free on my website.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening. I know you have lots and lots and lots and lots of options, and it continues to shock me, delight me, and it’s just an incredible honor that you listen. So THANK YOU so, so, so, so, so much. 

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