Ep. 39 Two Big Lessons I Learned From the FSL Event

“Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi 

Hello Front Seat Lifers! I am thrilled as always to be with you and today is a fun episode for me. It is about what the two biggest, I mean there are a lot of lessons, but the two biggest lessons I learned from the Front Seat Life event this year. As you may know, once a year I throw this GINORMOUS event. I am going to be honest, there are a lot of feelings around it and part of what I learned is what I’m going to share about all these feelings.  

Throwing an event like that is quite honestly, it’s, it’s just STRESSFUL. It’s a lot of WORK, it’s a lot of MONEY output, and sometimes those moments of, Oh my God, is anybody going to show up? And so for three years I hosted an event the way that I watched other people host events. This year, I changed it up and came away with some BIG LESSONS I share on this episode. 

This year I was really challenged by my coach to do it in a way that feels right, to not be so black or white in my thinking, but to really do it in a way that SPEAKS TO MY SOULSo I share my story of this year’s event. What in your life, or your business, or your relationship, are you doing in a way that you should consider changing? Can you do things in a way that speaks more to your soul? How in your life can you live a life that is congruent to who you are? How in your business can you THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and not do it in a traditional way?  

Go ahead, you have my permission, BREAK THE RULES. 

Number two. Okay, you have to listen for lesson number two, because it’s an amazing story of MANIFESTATION in action. 

I’ve told this story many times already and IT GIVES ME CHILLS. The power of manifestation, the power of dreaming big, the power of prayer, the power of holding on to a dream and a vision. Even though you have no idea how anything is going to happen. As you’re saying, YES!” to yourself. 

If you sit in your house and you don’t do anything to pursue and to go towards your dreams, nothing is going to happen. 

You have to say, yes to yourself. DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. It is our job to take action because that is a God moment,” how the universe works, how manifestation works.  

I’m just so thankful that my clients and God and the universe continue to give me these messages so I have content to bring you for this podcast. Thank you so much for listening. As always, it is such a ridiculous honor to hear the people who are even listening. I hope that you can learn something from these amazing lessons that I learned from the Front Seat Life event. 

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