Ep. 38 The 80/20 Rule of Rest

 I am in bed. I AM SICK. So, today’s episode will be a short episode, and, ironically, this is what I wanted to talk to you about today, and then this is happening.  

I am now being rested by the Universe. I did not rest enough after the Front Seat Life event. This event is the culmination of a TON OF WORK, from both myself and my team. I purposely scheduled a couple of days of downtime after the event, one day for myself and I brought the team for another. But I think what I didn’t do was rest enough in my own home. And now I am not feeling well. 

I am now in bed doing a podcast episode and contemplating, but not feeling surprised. Like me, a lot of you are very type “A.” You’re very driven, and we push, and we push, and sometimes it’s hard for us to rest, especially as entrepreneurial spirits. 

We are excited about what we’ve done. We want to celebrate it, but we also are onto the next thing. I’ll be honest, I’ve started to realize the importance of this 80/20 rule. As you may have remembered that we want in general as human beings, we want to try to spend 80% of our time in our Front Seat. 

But the question always begs, what about the other 20%? What does that mean? And I have learned through the years that if we’re in our Front Seat 80% of the time, well, we have to be somewhere else the other 20%, and it’s best not to be doing stuff we suck at, or even worse, as the baby in the back seat. 

We should ideally be resting. Turning off the social media, checking out, not working. So, my community came up with that new word, soulfish. Taking time away to replenish your soul, being selfish so that you can then be of service to other people to take that time off so that it’s proactive so that you can come back and 80% of the time then being your best self.  

And I really, really feel like this is a mindset shift. It is for me, and I’ve been teaching this shit for like 20 years! 

Take a little time today, kick back, and take care of yourself. Rest and listen to this episode or read a book. Go for a walk. We cannot be everything to everybody. If we do not rest, the universe is going to rest us.  

I am excited to come to you next week, WELL-RESTED. Thank you so much for listening. I would love to hear from you guys over on iTunes about what you might be doing to implement this 80/20 Rule of Rest into your life. Bye-bye! 

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