Ep 37 Purpose Driven Business

You NEED a purpose driven life and business. This interview was unintentional, as a podcast episode anyway. Hello Front Seat LifersI am excited to bring you a recording I did with Mandi Ann. You’ve heard her before in the podcast, she’s a client, and she was interviewing me for the book she was writing. 

And it turned out to be this RICH, AMAZING CONVERSATION and I realized, Oh shit, this is actually gonna be a really great podcast episode! 

So here it is! And quite honestly, it’s one of my FAVORITE conversations I’ve ever had ever with anyone. don’t even think what we’re talking about is necessarily about business. It’s just about your message, and your personal branding, connecting on a deeper level, and just being purposeful and purpose driven in everything that you do. 

We talk about the fact that even before you can figure out what you do, you’ve got to figure out who you are. You’ve got to figure out what your passion is, because what we’re talking about is not starting something just to start it but getting really CLEAR ABOUT WHY. What is it for you?  

There’s so much to this incredible chat! So, I hope that you enjoy it, get inspired, and get a little something out of it. Thanks again for listening, I appreciate it so much! 

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