Ep. 36 This Resistance Thing Is A Real B*tch

Are you ready for something a LITTLE DIFFERENT? One of the themes that I see over and over and over… people need some TRUTH BOMBS. I need truth bombs. People need truth bombs. My clients need truth bombs. Sometimes we need to be coddled. Sometimes we need to be honed. Sometimes we need to like look at the past and you know, dig in and do the work and sometimes we just need some fucking truth in our life. 

That’s what this new segment is going to be. I’m going to be sharing some shorter episodes with you of some TRUTH BOMBS that I see THAT MY CLIENTS NEED OFTEN. And when they hear them, it is like a light bulb going on. It is very much a holy shit, a little slap in the face, a little bit of a fire hose to the face. 

But often we need that. I know that that is where my greatest learning has often come from is when someone in my life is that honest with me. And it hurts. It does, it hurts in the moment. And it hurts because it’s true. 

If it’s not true, it doesn’t matter to you. 

So, hang tight for the first TRUTH BOMB to hit… it’s all about RESISTANCE. 

This first truth bomb is a BIGGIE and it addresses four main questions surrounding resistance. 

Number one, what does resistance LOOK LIKE? I think a lot of people don’t even understand what resistance is in their life. They might even be having resistance, but they don’t even realize that that’s what it is. 

Number two, WHY does it show up? 

Number three, what can we do to FIX IT? Because I hate to leave you with a bunch of horrible things, and then not give you some solutions. 

Then number four… and this came from a listener. I got this amazing email from this great listener, and she wrote a powerful question and it stopped me in my tracks a little bit. When do you know it’s just a SIGN? Or when do you know that it’s RESISTANCE? 

Listen in as I get gritty with this resistance thing, because it can be a BITCH! 

Thanks again for listening, you’re all my heroes and I appreciate every one of you! 

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