Ep. 35 Moving From Hobby to CEO

Done messing around?


If you’ve been resistant to invest in yourself and your business because you are afraid of success – this episode is for you. If you are living with one foot in and one foot out of your business – this episode is for you. If you have taken the easiest, cheapest, most minimal approach to all parts of your business because you are already afraid it will fail – this episode is for you.

So, really, I’m just saying, this episode is for YOU if you are reading this. Yes, you. We’ve all done it. We’ve tried to take shortcuts here and there and we’ve literally SET OURSELVES UP TO FAIL.

Meet my Guest and Lady Boss, Sheri Gazitt. Sheri is a parent educator, author, and teen life coach, a CEO of TeenWise (www.teenwiseseattle.com), and a mom of three amazing kids. She delves into difficult topics that parents and teens face every day such as friendship issues, perfectionism, peer pressure, anxiety, and stress. Even Sheri has faced challenges in stepping up and into her power as a business owner and Lady Boss! Listen in to hear her WHY and what motivated her to finally be ALL IN!

Sheri and I drop some GEMS in this episode. Seriously, this is gold and the truth bombs are REAL. Let’s break down some of the reasons you might not be progressing forward. Did you buy some $200 website and get exactly what you DIDN’T pay for? Maybe you are scared of your own success? We’ve all been there, sister. This shit is scary – and we get real with you as we tell you how we made it through from hobby to CEO – and how you can, too.

Are you ready to wear the CEO badge? Have your name on the door? Settle in for this wild ride where we tell it to you straight.

Let’s level up.


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