Ep. 30 Your Mess Is Your Message

Are you shutting out pain? 

Do you find yourself hiding the rawest parts of yourself? Are you trying to work around your pain because facing it head on is too painful? Are you hiding it from others? Are you ready to own your own shit and to actually SHOW UP to follow your goals and dreams?  

We welcome Nadia Ahrens of “Transform the Shit Out of Your Life” Transformational Life Coaching.  She’s leading the way, leaving no emotional stone unturned, after the very very worst experience of her life – the loss of her son, Jack. How did this therapist and coach of 19 years find purpose through tragedy and bring even more meaning to her work?  

How do you use your pain and transform it to help others – with the best intentions possible? Find out how to level the playing field, how to gain trust, and how to live authentically as yourself; pain, trauma, faults, and all.  

Transform the Shit Out of Your Life! 

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