Ep. 29 Lisa Fischer – From Squirrel to Structure

When the SHIFT hits the fan… Shift happens, friends. Sometimes the shift just has to hit the fan. We’re talking about what happens when you are a total SQUIRREL but you want SUCCESS and you need STRUCTURE.  

Maybe you are thinking that you are rocking it. Maybe you are thinking this is as good as it gets and you’ve got it all together. But, what if there’s more? Perhaps you are thinking of all the POSSIBILITIES – but never following through? Are you looking awesome on social media but not making enough money in real life? Are you procrastinating your backseat activities? Spreadsheets, CRMs, etc? What if you could be BIGGER, BADDER, and more BADASS – with follow-through?  

Enter; Lisa Fischer of Lisa Fischer Styling. A squirrel that became a freakin’ stylist queen of badassery. Listen to this episode to find out about how she organized her “client list” before meeting Jessica, to hear more about her struggles, and to learn how she went from scattered to STRUCTURED and killin’ it in her business.  

Learn about her metamorphosis from scattered to structured. Find out how she started to hire people, so she wasn’t doing the stuff she sucked at. Learn how she claimed her POWER, owned her INTELLIGENCE, and created the BUSINESS she always dreamed of.  

Shift’s about to get real.