Ep. 28 Have You Been Hiding?

Where have you been Girl Boss? This episode is the first of a series of eight podcasts around being a Girl Boss and a new success path to really establish being who you are. I’m going to cover the shifts and all the stages it takes to become an effective girl boss and really build a longterm business strategy. 

Step one is about being unapologetically who you are. I have chosen my ideal client avatars for each of these eight steps. Joining me on this episode is Robin Miller, who is absolutely the most shining example I can possibly imagine of someone who has become completely unapologetically who she is. 

She shares her amazing story of transformation, from “Squirrel” to Girl Boss. (Well, we do see that the Squirrel-like tendencies are innate and can be hard to shake!) But she has, in a relatively short period of time, completely changed from someone who would “cocoon” in a bathtub to a beautiful butterfly. 

“There are times where I couldn’t handle it inside my skin anymore from the pain. And imagine 80 to 90% of that being able to be fixed, be corrected by learning about yourself. And you know, it’s huge. This is the biggest thing of my life. 

We also talk about the power of healthy detachment, just stepping back when shit gets ugly, looking at the situation, and not getting emotionally involved. Detachment doesn’t mean not caring. We can still love them, we can still be in relationship with them, but by choosing to get off that bad rollercoaster ride, we will be healthier. 

Another critical piece to Robin’s path to becoming a Girl Boss was investing in herself and building a foundation. It also helped immensely to partner with someone who could take her “back seat” projects, letting go of those tasks, and relieving her of stress and a huge emotional energy drain. 

There’s so much to our conversation, but by understanding who she is and accepting it, stepping back from unhealthy things and allowing more space for the good stuff, Robin has discovered she can be the best version of herself. 

This episode definitely highlights some essential pieces to getting off on the right foot when you are following the Girl Boss pathway. Thanks again for listening, I appreciate it so, so much! 

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