Ep. 25 It’s My Birthday! Six Lessons I Have Learned This Year

I am somebody who has always believed in milestones. I believe in celebrating. I believe in looking back at the things that you’ve accomplished. I believe that the best predictor of your future performance is your past performance and taking a close look at what have you accomplished, and asking yourself where are you still stuck?  

I have two really big weeks during the year that I choose to do some selfreflection, and the first is the week that’s coming up, which is my birthday week. It’s also the 4th of Julya holiday. And then also the week between Christmas and the New Year is always another very selfreflective time.  

I wanted to be super vulnerable with you today, as I always am, and talk to you about some of the biggest life lessons that I have learned this past year. It’s been an excellent year, but it’s also been an interesting year, one that I didn’t quite anticipate and so I want to share with you some of the things that I’ve learned.  

I have six main topics that I’ve been pondering and thinking about over the last couple of weeks or so as my birthday is quickly approaching and here is what I have learned. I think there’s probably more, of course, and these are the “Cliff’s Notes” here. Please listen to me as I go much deeper with each of these on this episode. 

1. Year of re-building. I’ve spent a good portion of this year looking at things differently and re-investing in myself and my business. 

2. Setting boundaries. I’ll be honest, I think sometimes you just got to do what’s best for you, no matter how selfish it seems. 

3. Compartmentalization. I have learned the power of presence and the power of choosing not to do ten different things at the same time, but being present to where I am in that moment. 

4. Theme words and manifestation. When you can focus on the things that you want through your vision boards, through your manifestation, through your theme words, it is amazing to me when they start to happen. And let them happen when they happen. 

5. Fiercely protecting my alone time. My alone time is critical to my success in my life and my business. It gives me time to think. It gives me time to process. It gives me time to look back. When I am over busy, I don’t have time to do any of that. 

6. Getting honest with myself. What’s working and what’s not? Taking a true inventory of all of the things in my life; my house, my time alone, my self-care, my intimate relationship with my partner, my relationships with my family and my friends… is this serving me? 

If you take away simply doing this exercise of asking yourself once a year on your birthday, what have I learned this past year? What tough life lessons? If I had to endure, what’s been good, what’s not been good, and what do I want to take from my past to propel me into my future in the best possible way?  

Thank you so, so much for listening, and I’m looking forward to the next few episodes with you guys. I’m going to go through all kinds of wonderful, amazing content with you! 

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