Ep 2: Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At

Welcome back to the Front Seat Life Podcast
Hello, I’m so glad you are back, this episode piggybacks onto Episode 1. If you haven’t heard that episode yet, please consider going back and listening, it will help everything in this installment of the show make so much more sense.

In this episode I reveal a framework, an analogy I personally came up with to help explain the Meyers-Briggs personality assessment and types and how they show up within ourselves. I needed to find a way to help people really understand and grasp the nuances of each type, and why we want to choose to put most of our energy into our “best self.”

The car analogy I use just came to me, landed on me like a butterfly as Elizabeth Gilbert would say. I use these four characters, passengers sharing a ride in a car, to deepen your understanding of personality type. The four types again are: introversion/extroversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving.

Your Car
Imagine yourself in your car, driving around. There are four passengers in the car and all of them are you. They all represent a part of your personality.

During this episode I go into great detail about each of these four characters, in order, very clearly. This will help you understand when they come out and where we need to be spending our time. So, listen in to get more, so much more than I can convey in these short notes.

The Passengers in the Front Seat
The first two people in the car are good people, they are in your front seat. They are your Driver and your Co-Pilot and the Driver is your best self. Your Co-Pilot is equally important and is your second-best self.

Both characters represent all that you are naturally and innately good at. You should be spending 80% of your energy here, in your front seat.

Back Seat Drivers
The first character in the back seat is the “drunk uncle.” It’s the personality type who is “drunk” – messy, sloppy, like we are when we are inebriated. It’s the part of our personality that we suck at and when we’re in it, it’s like pushing a boulder up a hill, so much work! And if this is where we spend a lot of our energy, it is exhausting.

Exhausting and stressful to the point where everyone in the car falls asleep, especially if some triggers are thrown our way too… except the last character.

This is the baby in the back seat. Babies are immature, underdeveloped, and have no communication skills. It’s our “reptilian” brain taking over to protect ourselves. And our response is either to fight or flee, depending upon our personality type.

When the Baby Wakes Up
Listen as I describe what happens when the baby wakes up, and what to do. Because it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable. But if you can recognize it, and feel it coming on… you can head it off. Or, after the baby wakes up, there are ways to get yourself back into the front seat.

Please Share
This episode is so important for you to understand the concept of front seat / back seat. And to help you realize you can choose to get out of the back seat and live your life in the front seat, where it’s easier, happier, freer, and you can be your best self.

Please, I encourage you to listen to this episode, maybe even more than once. And share it with someone you know who could use this, I know it’s likely you can think of someone right now who would benefit from hearing this message.

Thank you so much for listening and being here, I so appreciate you taking the time and I hope you can get something out of this to help you have a better relationship with your loved ones, including yourself.

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