Ep. 19 Purpose, Passion, and Resistance with Guest Mandi Ann

Determination, passion, purpose, mindset… and not living five minutes in front of your face. My special guest Mandi Ann and I talk candidly about what it took her to find her ideal path for her journey. A path which delivered so much passion and purpose, she became determined to write her new book and grow her business, despite the resistance which showed up. 

We discuss how this devil (resistance) is always showing up, at every level of your journey… new level, new devil! But, if you can find ways to maintain your determination and focus, you can continue to move forward and upward. 

Revealing some of the common stumbling blocks, we go deep into the importance of setting boundaries to maintain a laser-like focus. Setting boundaries and prioritizing almost becomes easier when you have decided on your path. Mandi says, “I truly do think that when you find that purpose, that passion, you will set those boundaries and you just do anything. 

And to continue to “do anything” can be really friggin hard when that damn devil keeps showing up with another challenge or roadblock. Mandi Ann and I tell some stories about the tough conversations we’ve had while setting boundaries, and I also let out of the bag my secret “dream job.” 

Listen to this golden nugget-filled conversation, take the time and make the moment to get quiet, to settle down, to allow yourself to be open to possibilities. Thanks again for listening, I so appreciate it! 

For more about Mandi Ann and her new book, Creating Your Purpose-Driven Business, go to https://www.mandiann.com 

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