Ep. 104 Understanding Your Hustle: The Story of My Tattoo – Healing the Hustle

Welcome back to the Front Seat Life podcast, I am Jessica Butts your host. We are diving into Part Two of my Healing the Hustle framework and my upcoming book. I’ve written about 70% of the book and today we are moving into “Understanding Your Hustle.” And today I’m going to read to you from the book and add in a few explanations and stories too. Including the one about how I got my tattoo!   

It’s funny, when I was a therapist and now I am again, but when I was a therapist, I complained there were too many rules keeping me from being able to do the work I wanted to do. However, there was this ethical and legal boundary that kept my work at work and made boundaries easier. When I became a coach that boundary disappeared, and it was a problem I created. 

And it was all based on my worth, or lack thereof. See, part of my hustle was people pleasing. And I’m guessing yours is as well. Women are natural caretakers due to both nature and nurture. It runs in our DNA. We over-give because we feel bad or that we aren’t doing enough, especially if they are giving us money to be their coach. 

When I was on a vacation, like the one I took to Maui a few years ago, I was still answering Facebook or Instagram DMs, checking my email, even though I had put my out of office on and even had a wonderful assistant covering me. I was constantly thinking about my clients, my team, my work. There’s also another big reason why I, and our type do this… 

We get validation from being busy and feeling needed. And I have done so much more work on this since I’ve written this section in my book and with this episode I share some insights that might also resonate with you! 

Enjoy this first installment of the new mini-series about Part 2 of Healing the Hustle! And remember, I always love hearing from my listeners. Feel free to reach out to me and of course I would love, love, love a review on iTunes, it helps others find us. And don’t forget to subscribe and follow for future episodes. 

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