Ep. 103 How We Got Here [Pt 3]: Our Need to Do is a Trauma Response – Healing the Hustle

Welcome back to the Front Seat Life podcast, I am Jessica Butts, your host. I’m back on Maui and I could not be happier. We’re back for the third episode of a mini-series I’ve renamed How We Got Here and this is the Our Need to “Do” is a Trauma Response episode.  

We have been talking about how we all got here, how we got to this place of hustling, your journey, my journey, sharing that, and giving you some tools.  Our New World, which hit home with a lot of people. I heard from a lot of people about my saying, connection before capitalism, that seemed to really hit home with people. 

And today is this Our Need to Do. Our need, specifically as women, and that this is our identity. This is a badge of honor. This somehow makes us better. And I’m here to tell you that I’m going through this as well.  

So, I’ve been talking about nature and nurture and how our personality type absolutely plays a part in this. The nurture piece is so big, and this is absolutely 1000000% our family of origin. And there’s so many of us that are acting out. We are trying to prove ourselves to people, the world, and society. And then there’s often a trauma response to our family of origin. And societal norms. These are two very powerful forces. 

Enjoy this third installment of the new mini-series within the Healing the Hustle Series! And remember, I always love hearing from my listeners. Feel free to reach out to me and of course I would love, love, love a review on iTunes, it helps others find us. And don’t forget to subscribe and follow for future episodes. 

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