Ep. 10 Understanding Your Partner’s Energy

I am continuing to talk about things other related. As you guys know, this whole podcast is about living your life from the Front Seat, about being unapologetically who you are in your life, love, and business.  

I have been talking about the self, being unapologetically who you are, understanding your side of the net differentiation, what your opinions are, what your personality type is, how you show up in this world. And last week we transitioned over into the other. The other part of who are you is this piece of how we’re in relationships with people, because none of us live in a silo. We live in the world, and everybody has somebody in their life. And those are the people that we must now attune to. 

Once we understand who we are in this world, this is how we show up, this is what we believe, our opinions, but we can’t always be selfish. That is a very onesided way to live. But we also can’t always be attuned, which means you are super codependent. If you were always attuned, you would be always worrying about others. I know there’s probably some of you listening who are like, Oh shit, that’s me. 

The attunement piece is how we have a healthy, let me be very clear about that, a healthy balance between self and others”, between differentiation and attunement”. This episode is about how you get attuned to other people in your life, specifically around the introversion and extroversion dichotomy. 

Half of the population is introverted, half of it as extroverted. And on this episode, I talk about how when you are in relationship, how you can understand your partner’s energy. When we can understand each other’s energy within a relationship, we can grow and find those times and experiences that energize each other. And not get all weird about those times when our partner wants to do something we would rather not do, something that makes us feel exhausted just thinking about! I give some good examples and even strategies on how to communicate with each other, so you can be attuned and stay energized. 

Thanks again for listening! I super appreciate your time! 

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