A personal story this week

The Sensing/Intuition dichotomy has so many facets that quite honestly there is simply too much to talk about in one email, hence why I have written two books (grab yours here)  on the subject 🙂  So instead I am going to attempt to summarize the importance of knowing about this dichotomy in a story.

I am, as 80% of you are as well (my N definitely attracts others N’s) a rare and unique wizard Intuitive type.  However, I didn’t know this for many years and I still struggle with it being a blessing and a curse in my life to this day. 

But let’s start from the beginning.  I always felt different, even growing up.  I recently told my mom and sister that I thought they were aliens and were always plotting against me when I was younger.  There was nothing overt about their behavior and looking back I think I simply had a “knowing” that something was different about me.  The way I thought and felt, my mind was always going, super creative, etc. After my undergraduate degree I did what good Americans do back in the early 90’s, I joined good ol’ corporate America.  It was fucking awful but I didn’t understand why it felt that way for me. I would look around and see my co-workers dutifully coming to work each day, staying engaged from 9-5 (or even later), seemingly being perfectly content with this, what felt like to me, a monotonous grind of never ending duty to someone and something else that I had no interest in or control over. I was completely uninspired and to be completely honest, really questioning my sanity.  I really thought there might be something actually wrong with me. 

I was also, at the time, married to the cute husband, had a great house, traveling, seemingly living the dream, had God in my life, had lots of friends but fuck, I was so uncomfortable.  I think uncomfortable is a good word for it at the time.  I felt like this life wasn’t meant for me. I couldn’t understand why I always had one foot out the door, wanted freedom, needed to be independent, to do my own thing, to not be held down, to not be told what to do, to NOT BE IN THIS LIFE THAT FELT LIKE A BOX aka. Death trap!

Fast forward 10 years to today living life on my terms!  I am doing what I love as an entrepreneur,  in a relationship defined by my Intuitive ways and core values, and only spending time with people that inspire me.  Yet, I am still struggling with turning my brain off and healing my own hustle.  

See, this Myers Briggs dichotomy, along with the J and P, has so much to do with our understanding of our rare and unique type in this world.  I have called being an Intuitive type a blessing and a curse for years and this is why.  It has allowed me to create an awesome yet unorthodox life that I love AND it makes me fucking crazy becasue I can’t stop with the new ideas, the new content, the new books to read (I am currently staring at a stack of 7 personal development books I haven’t even started), new coach, new ideas in my life and business. I have a VERY hard time “being”!  I want to be creating and if I am being honest, that is my form of “doing”.  Creating new content for you, IG, books, my courses, etc.  

It is a natural part of our type as Intuitives AND IT IS PART OF THE HUSTLE. 

Let me be clear this does NOT mean I am going to start doing stuff I suck at and working on spreadsheets and shit but it does mean I need to be aware how my innate personality type is DIFFERENT than 75% of the population and how it makes me rare and unique in good and not so good ways!  

Well, there you have it….the good, the bad and the ugly of being an Intuitive type.

I hope you were able to see yourself in this personal story and learn something you can use in your life to help you understand yourself or others better.  

Healing my Hustle while Being Unapologetically Who I am,