Two new things I’m doing to heal my hustle

I have been known to be an extreme early riser for many, many years of my life, it feels like the most productive time for me so I have forced myself to get up predawn for a decade.

However, recently that doesn’t feel like what’s healthy or serving me anymore.

While I’m still an early riser, I am for the first time in my life allowing myself to sleep as long as my body feels like it needs to sleep. While this is still new to me it already feels like a profound gift to Healing my Hustle.

I carry some guilt preaching this for so many years as a business coach however, at different times in our lives we need different things.

In my late 30s and early 40s while I was still in the Hustle, this felt like some thing that I needed to do. And now that I am in a new phase of life and I have realized some of those old habits are no longer serving me where I am in life today.

I have, somewhat embarrassingly (we are always a work in progress!), been holding on to old habits, patterns, and beliefs that I can simply let go of in this new era…as they do not serve my new evolved life.

Might you need to do the same?

I will keep you updated on how this goes.

The second thing that I’m doing as I am no longer making my home my primary workspace.

When I moved out of my house into my beautiful new space with lake views I found myself struggling to write and get side projects done. I would spend days beating myself up asking “what’s wrong with me?” Which is not healthy for anyone.

So instead of continuing down the same rabbit hole I decided to make a big change and that is to get a beautiful office space outside of my home so that I can feel a separation of work and home.

Wednesday was my first day and the change in my productiveness, happiness, calmness, and overall attitude were staggering!

I share these stories with you to hopefully encourage you to look at things in your life where you either:

Forcing yourself to do something from your “old” life that no longer serves you and simply give it up
instead of beating yourself up in any way shaper or form about ANYTHING, ask yourself if there is some structural thing you can do to change the habit or pattern.

When I was a psychotherapist the latter was called structural therapy, you quite literally change the structure, not necessarily yourself!

So….as we head into fall, where can you Heal your Hustle with some structural change, or old habit no longer serving your evolved self?

Healing my Hustle,