FSL Events are BACK!!

The Healing the Hustle version of Front Seat Life events are back!  They are going to be different from the large event I threw 4 years in a row before COVID hit us in 2020.

I was grateful for that forced downtime to look at my life and business. I asked myself questions like:

What do I love doing:question:
What do I NOT love doing:question:
What feels easy and like flow:question:
What feels like pushing a Boulder up a hilll:question:
And my favorite…what would I keep doing if I won the lottery or didn’t have to work anymore:interrobang:

It look a few months of soul searching in quarantine but the answers were right there. I just had to be willing to receive them, which I most certainly did :pray:

So here’s how things are going to change for the better!

:heart: No more big, loud events; they will now be small, intimate retreats

:heart: Each retreat with cover one of the quarterly topics in the Front Seat Life Collective (opening tomorrow)

Who are you?
Where are you going?
How are you going to get there?
Healing the Hustle

(Of course there will be lots of all of these mixed in to all but each will have a distinct theme, as will the quarters of The Front Seat Life Collective)

:heart: They will ONLY be open to those in the Front Seat Life Collective!  These retreats are meant to deepen the learning and dig even deeper while we are gathered together.

:heart: The retreats will be small groups of 20 or less.

:heart: Incredible locations, like the one my current clients and I are at for the next 3 days….the magnificent Post Hotel in Leavenworth, Washington. I am currently researching Maui and Palm Springs as well. (All COVID restrictions will be implemented for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.)

:heart: The retreats will be AMAZING opportunities to meet new up-leveled, like-minded friends.  These new people might just change your life; the people I have met at groups like this most certainly have changed mine.

:heart: You will have LOTS of solo time to practice “solo trips”.

:heart: Amazing way to make sure you schedule soul care time each quarter.

:heart: and you get to go on adventures:bangbang:

And lastly, one of my theme words for my life and business, is and has always been, Connection! These small retreats give us a time to CONNECT:bangbang: With each other, with ourselves, with a powerful new inspiring and motivating vortex of energy!  This shit it REAL!  Having these retreats to look forward to and then being in the ENERGY will drastically improve your life!

I am so freakin’ excited for this change and the upcoming retreats. We are currently having the Fall retreat for my incredible current clients and the Winter Retreat will fill up QUICKLY so get yourself in the Front Seat Life Collective TOMORROW (and yearly members get first dibs at retreats) and I will see you VERY SOON:kissing_heart::heart::pray:


P.S. These retreats will have an extra fee on top of the VERY affordable investment into The Front Seat Life Collective.