Ep. 98 My 5 Favorite Personal Development Tools (Part 2): Healing the Hustle

I am back with Part 2 of my birthday episode! If you’ve been following along, I started sharing my five favorite personal development tools in the last episode, but due to my love of sharing, I couldn’t get them all into one episode, brevity is not my thing ha! So, I’m back this week to finish it off with the final two pieces of the puzzle.

If you are catching Part 2 and missed Part 1, you may want to go back to catch up. Part 1 was about personality type, obviously, codependency, and attachment. Today for Part 2 I am breaking down the five Love Languages from the amazing book by Gary Chapman. I unpack the five different Love Languages with examples from myself and others and explain why this is a wonderful tool in helping decode what makes your spouse, children, siblings, parents, and anyone close to you feel most loved.

Then I share one of the best decision-making tools that I’ve ever used, Core Values. There are 38 different Core Values (I think) and I have six that are important to me, and that help guide me. I think of Core Values as a bubble, and they surround me and keep me protected from things that are not going to be in alignment with my core values. You can get a list to help you uncover your Core Values over at my site, link below.

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