Ep. 96 I Made A Mistake: Healing the Hustle

Welcome back everybody to the Healing the Hustle series on the Front Seat Life podcast. I’m delighted that you’re back, we’re on episode four. I really have no idea how many episodes there are going to be in this series, I’m just going to keep it rolling.  

I do love when the universe continues to give feedback, if you will, that the more that I talk about this, the more that I go back to my roots of personality type and my therapy roots, and really connecting with people and not talking at people again, the universe just continues to reward that with more ideal clients.  

The world is eager and excited to start learning about their personality type again. And I’m loving that people are reaching out and they’re engaging and they want me to come in and speak to their organization or their women’s group or their team. 

Now, I know you are dying to know about some of the stuff that I’m going to talk about today. Today’s episode is “I Made a Mistake.” I made a mistake and I’m assuming, everybody’s thinking, oh God, she thinks she made a mistake by moving to Maui. That is not what this episode is about. I did not make a mistake moving here, but I have made a mistake. 

I’m not going to spoil it here, you are going to have to listen to the episode to find out! And you should listen to the end, go all the way through this episode. There is some good sh*t. I get on a soapbox at the end. I think the entire episode is wonderful and I hope you learn a lot about why I made a mistake. 

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