Ep. 94 Dating Myself: Healing the Hustle

Welcome back everybody. I am very excited about this episode. I’ll be honest, I’m a tiny bit nervous about this because I’m going to be sharing some really, really, vulnerable stuff. And as I promised, I would super duper, duper keep it real. So here we go…. 

I wanted to remind you again, I feel like I almost need to do this every episode, the reminder of the whole entire concept of healing the hustle is to cut out things outside of ourselves that are creating chaos. The “hustle journey” I’m sharing is that I want to be talking with you, not at you. 

To me is just simple, but it’s this new mindset of intentionally dating myself. Sitting in my own company, I am intentionally taking myself out on a gorgeous date. I am intentionally putting on a beautiful dress and putting on some makeup and getting myself cute. And I am going to heal, to repair this hole in the bottom of my bucket, because nothing outside of myself, no other person, no other man, no friend, nothing outside is going to heal me but myself so that I can be absolutely the most, whole version of myself. 

I am beyond excited to be back!  And I would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to me via email and of course would love a review on iTunes and don’t forget to subscribe and follow for future episodes.  

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