Ep.91 – FS16 – ENFJ with Sara Dean

Welcome back to the Front Seat 16, our new series from the Front Seat Life podcast! I am your host Jessica Butts, and today Sara Dean joins me for probably my favorite episode of the series to talk about ENFJ! Why’s it my favorite? Because it’s my type too, haha! Sara is a dear friend, a podcasting genius, and the creator and host of The Shameless Mom Podcast. 

Overall ENFJs are extroverted, intuitive, feeling and judging which means they give their best selves to other people. They are big picture thinkers. They think outside the box, they’re always thinking about what’s next. It makes them great entrepreneurs. They are feelers, meaning they make decisions with their hearts and they are Js, which means they’re normally pretty obsessive, highly organized, like to be on time, they are planners, and futuristic. 

And they pretty much have the horse blinders on, like, “Get out of my way, don’t distract me, this is where I’m going.” The ENFJs and the ENFPs are interesting because they’re very similar, but their front seats are different. 

An ENFJ is out in the world, giving, sharing, connecting in life and in business, right? We normally have a lot of friends. We have a lot of activities going on. People might think we’re very social and extroverted and outgoing, which is true. But not the other half of us, the other 50% of us is inside in our hearts. 

In our mind, being intuitive, walking in silence, thinking in silence, journaling, having a morning practice, getting away by ourselves, taking solo trips, a weekend retreats by ourself, all a whole bunch of alone. And that, my friends, is where ENFJs get their ideas. 

Listen in to this episode to learn all about ENFJs, I’m sure you know some! Sara and I share some great stories and examples of life interactions where our type resonate, and where it clashes. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. You are going to love this wonderful conversation! 

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