Ep. 76 Where Are You Going (Part 2 of 3)

Today is the second part of the threepart series that I’m doing about the stages of the business program that I’m very, very proud of called Don’t DStuff You Suck AEntrepreneurial School for creative and visionary, intuitive types. 

When I first wrote both of my books, these questions were posed to me many, many years ago. Who are you? Where are you going? And how are you going to get there? And it was a profound realization for me at the time because I didn’t know the answers to any of them. 

And so as we get into step two today, you can’t do one of these without the othersSo figuring out who you are is fantastic and fabulous, and it needs the other two. And you can’t go to the third step, which will be next week’s podcast, how are you going to get there, without figuring out who the heck you are and where you’re going. So these need to be done in sequence. 

So let’s jump into today, which is, “Where are you going?  

“Where are you going? is all about our mindset and allowing ourselves to be creative, allowing ourselves to think outside the box, allowing ourselves to dream. And to be the true visionaries of our business. Now, if you’re anything like me, intuitives can’t use a lot of the methods or frameworks like SMART goals, because those are created by and for sensors. 

We do things differently. We need to learn how to mind map, which is a visual representation of the chaos going on in our intuitive brains at all time. We also need to be around likeminded people to figure out where we are going. Beware the “Dream Killers” who question us, and tell all the ways our plans and ideas won’t work. You know them, they say, “Can’t you just get a job?” 

Another way we figure out where we’re going is, of course, vision boards. It’s nothing new. It’s a bit old school, but that shit works. And I’ve talked about this ad nauseam and other podcasts, but when I went to hypnotherapy school and became trained as a hypnotherapist, the main thing that I learned and took from that is that our subconscious brains are 90% of us. What are you listening to? Uplifting podcasts. All the things that are all part of the 90% of our subconscious.  

So another massivpart of where we are going is learning how to set boundaries. That is a big part, the whole codependency and cutting out some of the naysayers. Is setting boundaries so that we have space to dream, thinking outside the box, being creative, setting boundaries with your children, your spouse, your partner, your family members. 

And then we need to take action—more on that next week. But once we figure out our dream and where we’re going, we must move. And so many of us get caught in a new vision, a new perfect plan… I call this “Squirreling.” 

Alright, until next time I’m sending you so much love, and I will see you next Friday. Bye. 


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