Ep. 71 3 Word Rebellion with Michelle Mazur

Hello, Front Seat Lifers! I have a special, amazing, WONDERFUL guest for you today, Michelle Mazur. We both live here in the Seattle area, and she is a rock star. She’s a straightup weirdo, just like me, and so many of you, and she’s also a total intuitive type. 

She has a Ph.D. in Communications and has created this company called 3 WORD REBELLION that I gravitate towards, hence, Front Seat Life, and it is just a fascinating way to describe your business and what you do. 

Michelle’s philosophy on this 3 Word Rebellion is one of the BEST TOOLS I have ever seen or heard or studied about getting clear about what your message is so that you don’t go off and squirrel. Listen carefully because Michelle is going to BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF today! She is absolutely an amazing person, an amazing business owner, an amazing woman, an amazing intuitive, and an AMAZING GUEST. 

Again, this POWERFUL MESSAGING FRAMEWORK is all about creating a one of a kind message that grows your business into a movement.  

Michelle grew her business as a public speaking coach for about five years, and then literally had a, Fuck this shit! I cant do this anymore… moment. 

Giving herself SPACE and time to reflect, she noticed that many good communicators were able to encapsulate the change they want to create in just a few words. 

It’s like your message is so important in getting you known, and I thought to myself, I wonder if I could take questions from social movement theory, like what are you rebelling against? What’s the CHANGE you’re trying to create in the world and use them with my clients? To see if I could get them to their core message, like let them just kind of free write, dump their ideas out of their head. 

I wonder if I could help them figure out what their core message is, and THAT WORKED! 

And that was the beginning of the 3 Word Rebellion. 

Listen in today as we dig deep into this incredible messaging concept and unpack why it works and how it works. Michelle even gives us a “TEMPLATE” to follow when crafting our message. 

Does it just have to be three words? So, in her book, she gives creative constraints, which are rules, but it can be two to five words. The important thing to remember is that it’s incredibly sticky or starts what Michelle calls an “INTRIGUE LOOP. The first thing it does is it stops the other person. It grabs their attention because it’s something a little bit different. 

And thats just the start. LISTEN to this episode, get her book, follow her AND IMPLEMENT this into your messaging and you will find the clarity and focus you have been seeking. I guarantee it! This episode is one you need to listen to ALL THE WAY to the end. So damn good. SO DAMN GOOD. 

Thanks again for listening, I appreciate you all so much and hope you are staying healthy and well. Take care. 

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