Ep. 61 Debunking Myths: Introverts are SELFISH AF and Extroverts are IDIOTS

As promised, we are going down a journey of DEBUNKING some myths, but I’m going to do it, of course, in Jessicastyle. Today’s topic is debunking the myths surrounding INTROVERSION and EXTROVERSION. 

There are a lot of them, but I picked kind of my favorites. I want to start with some general myths, and then we’ll get into specific introverted and extroverted myths. The prevailing, overarching myth about introversion and extroversion is that WE ARE ONE OR THE OTHER. However, this is one of the only dichotomies that is balanced.  

Introversion and extroversion live, BOTH of them, in our Front Seat, which makes up 80% of who we are. Often, people think, Oh my God, I’m just introverted, and there’s no extroverted part of me. And that is not true. Or extroverts think, Well, you know what’s weird? I wonder why I want to spend time by myself? 

It’s NOT WEIRD. It’s just your Front Seat. There is NO such thing, technically, as an AMBIVERT (#ambivertisamyth). We’re all kind of ambiverts because we all have a Front Seat, and everybody’s Front Seat is half introverted and half extroverted. We’re both things. We just have a PREFERENCE for one over the other.  

Now, there are several other myths and misconceptions surrounding the introversion versus extroversion. Listen as I get way into some of these like the ones I used in the title of this episode, which is INTROVERTS are SELFISH AF, and EXTROVERTS are IDIOTS 

As you listen, youll see many of these myths are stories we create in our heads about the other type. For example, introverts save their best selves for themselves, which to extroverts comes off very selfish. 

Why aren’t you getting back to me? Why aren’t you responding to me right away? Introverts tend to have a depth of friends and the depth of interest, meaning they only have a few friends, even a couple sometimes, but they’re very, very close to them, and they just have a few interests. Extroverts typically have a whole bunch of friends and a whole bunch of interests because they give their best selves to other people, which to introverts, that can seem idiotic.  

Again, this is just one myth I debunk in this episode, and I highly encourage you to listen in as I debunk several OTHER common MISCONCEPTIONS. And this is just the start of a series of these episodes, and I also am sharing a ton about type via my social media channels, so join me there for more insight and delight.I seriously could go on about this for years. 

I so appreciate you listening, and I will see you guys next week when I’m back debunking the myths of sensing and intuition, which is going to be a fricking doozy. I’m going to give you a teaser. One of the biggest myths is that SENSORS DON’T HAVE INTUITION. I have heard that from the day that I started using type 20 some years ago, and I cannot wait to share that with you next week. 

I love, love, love, love sharing this stuff with you! 

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