Ep. 49 Don’t Strangle Your Family During the Holidays!

It is getting towards the end of the year, which always means family time, holiday time, all the wonderful things that come with spending time with our friends and family around the holidays. But it also NOTORIOUSLY comes with frustrations and irritations around personality type.  

This is one of probably my busiest times of the year in terms of getting questions from listeners and viewers and people on my website, Oh my God, my uncle or my sister or my mom or my stepdad they’re driving me CRAZY! I think it’s a personality type thing. Can you talk to me about these things so that I can LOVE THEM for who they are?!”  

Today’s topic is all about navigating the holidays, asking people to love us for who we are, but then we also need to love them for who they are. It’s really about FAMILY ACCEPTANCE around the holidays.  

To help you with this sometimes SUPER challenging topic, my amazing team has put together a series of videos in addition to this episode. So you can listen to this with your family, but you can also watch these short videos. (See the link below the notes.) 

Today I’ll talk about introversion and extroversion, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling and judging and perceiving, and the differences between those dichotomies in particular. And then again in particular, how they relate to FAMILY DYNAMICSI’ll give you some tips and insight so you can navigate your family holiday experiences smoothly and with love. 

Hopefully, this can help you talk to your family about these differences so you don’t annoy the shit out of each other. We can learn to love each other for our differences and learn to accept. I might not even go as far as to say love the differences, but certainly, get to a place of acceptance of those differences. 

I think this is a Dr. Philism, “You can choose to be right. Or you can CHOOSE to be HAPPY. And it doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you, but it’s also about picking your frickin battles. Is it worth fighting over? Are you going to accept your family around the holidays? Are you going to accept yourself?  

Again, it’s about showing up as who you are but not expecting everybody else to be like you. All right, my friends, it is two weeks before Christmas and I hope you are enjoying this holiday season and doing whatever it is that makes you feel wonderful around this time of year! 

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