Ep. 100 Dial It Up! Healing the Hustle

Welcome back everybody. This is the Front Seat Life podcast, and I am Jessica Butts bringing you my 100th episode! It’s kind of amazing. I’ve paused, taken some time off, come back with Healing the Hustle, but today we get to celebrate! I believe in celebrations and that we should celebrate our life and business wins. 

And I’m celebrating two major wins this week, my 100th episode and I got approved trademark for Front Seat Life! So, of course my 100th episode is going to be about personality type. And dialing it up, not dialing it down. Be more of who we are, not suppressing it or oppressing it. Not being vanilla in any way, shape, or form. 

It’s hard for us to do, because we naturally focus on the stuff we suck at and think we need to get better at that, to try to please everyone. I explain some of the traps we can fall into and mistakes we make. But our greatest gift or path on the life is to become more of who we are. We are not meant to be in a zone of competence, but a zone of genius. So, dial it up! 

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